Softness triumphs over hardness,
Feebleness over strength.
What is more malleable is always superior over that which is immovable.
This is the principle of controlling things by going along with them,
…of mastery through adaptation.
Lao Tzu

Do you ever wonder why people are so drawn to babies, so enraptured and bewitched by these wondrous little balls of fat, who spend most of their time either sleeping, eating, pooing and vomiting? Babies are soft and vulnerable, yet they are also remarkably strong. Even after a week or so of taking their first breath outside of the womb, they can take hold of your finger in their tiny little hands, and clutch with a strength that belies their tender disposition. They can scream with all the power of a Pavarotti, if somewhat lacking in dulcet tones. Babies are soft, but babies are strong. Babies have big Chi, big vibration, and this is what we are drawn to, this huge vibration. Even when they vomit over your shoulder, or sit in a milk induced stupor, with a puddle of drool oozing out the sides of their mouth, we are drawn in to these cute little angels.

Babies do not yet developed the emotional blocks that we tend to pick up as we grow older. They do not yet know fear, or sorrow, or anxiety or anger. Everything they gaze upon either new, or wonderful, or food, or sometimes both. But as we grow older, gradually, we start to understand these so called negative emotions, and sometimes we are overwhelmed, and stifled by them. We can become hardened by anger and frustration, paralyzed by fear and anxiety, and crestfallen with all the sorrow we perceive in the world. Our thought patterns may become rigid and stubborn. That’s not to say that these feelings are negative, or that we should try to avoid them. Sometimes anger is the appropriate emotion. It is ok to be afraid, or anxious, at certain times, and indeed if we never felt sorrow, how would we understand or appreciate joy. If you had no stress response, you wouldn’t last long, as a sense of danger is necessary for survival.

If we can allow ourselves to become softer, we can become stronger. It may sound counter intuitive, but we can see examples of this everywhere in the natural world. Water is soft, yet powerful. It fits into every vessel and path it needs to flow into. It is yielding, and compromising to suit it’s environment. It doesn’t need to push. When the path of a river comes to a huge boulder, it doesn’t need to use force to move the obstacle. Rather, it goes under it, and over it, and around it, slowly wearing away the resistance of rock, until there is nothing left but a pebble, which gets swept away in the current.

Trees can appear hard, and unyielding. Yet, they must possess immense softness, and an ability to adapt to different weather conditions. They need deep roots to remain upright, yet must also be flexible in their own way, to allow gentle movement in the force of strong winds. If they were simply hard, they would crack and break as the storm comes in. Their movement is limited, but if you watch closely, you can see their subtle dance, as the leaves flutter in the wind, and the branches make minute, yet elegant twists and turns.

Allowing your self to become soft, can bring with it a sense of vulnerability, which can be initially uncomfortable, and take you a little outside your comfort zone. Yet if you allow yourself to soften, you will develop a stronger flow of energy within you, which makes you more stable and robust on all levels, mental emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual. So, allow yourself to be softer, allow yourself to be more like a baby.

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